Top 6 Stinger Bug Zapper Reviews in 2018

best stinger bug zapper

Are you looking for the best stinger bug zapper in 2018? Here our experts listed the top 4 stinger bug zapper that you can use in your home & garden.

If your relaxations in the evenings are often disturbed by bugs and you are getting frustrated by the presence or attack of these bugs, then you will need to get a stinger bug zapper to get rid of them.

This is considering the fact that this is the only feasible option you might get, as the second option is to completely put off the light. Completing putting off the light, might however not be a great idea for you.

This is especially when you are using the light to read a novel or to monitor your environment for the presence of other more dangerous animals that could be lurking around such as a snake.

You do not want to endanger your life while trying to escape from smaller pests that are much harmless. Fortunately, you also have the option of not enduring the inconvenience of the bugs, by just getting a stinger bug zapper, that has the ability to completely get rid of the bugs. Also visit here for the update list of bug zapper

Best Stinger Bug Zapper List 2018

Product Name
Our Rating
Stinger UVB45 Ultra Bug Zapper

Stinger UVB45
40 Watt
6 Pounds
five star
Check Price
Stinger BKC90R Cordless Insect Zapper

Stinger Cordless Rechargeable Insect Zapper
3 pounds
five star
Check Price
Stinger 1/2 Acre Flat Panel Zapper

Stinger 1/2 Acre Flat Panel Zapper
15 Watt
2.6 Pounds
4.5 star rate
Check Price
Stinger 3-in-1 Kill System Insect Zapper

Stinger 3-in-1 Kill System Insect Zapper
4 Pounds
4.5 star rate
Check Price
Stinger Bk300/310 Electric Bug Zapper

New Kaz Stinger Bk300/310 Electric 1.5 Acres Bug Insect Zapper
4.2 Pounds
four star rate
Check Price
Stinger 5-in-1 Kill System Insect & Mosquito Zapper

Stinger 5-in-1 Kill System Insect
5,500 Watt
5.35 pounds
four star rate
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Listed Stinger Bug Zapper Full Reviews

1. Stinger UVB45– Amazing Mosquito Zapper

Compared to the normal white ultraviolet light bulbs, your catch increases by more than 40 percent, when you use the Stinger Ultra 1-Acre 40 Watt UVB45 Bug Zapper to zap bugs.

Bugs including mosquitoes and other bugs that suck blood are attracted to the octenol lure. The bulb sends the same type of emission that large mammals emit. This zapper also has a sundown sensor that is able to detect when the sun is out.

Once the sun is detected, the zapper is automatically turned off, since most bugs do not normally fly around the light source in the daytime. This aids in saving energy till when it’s dark and bugs begin to disturb once more.

There is also an indicator switch that can be easily seen on the device so that you are able to know when your device is working, as well as when it is not working.


Features of Stinger UVB45 Bug Zapper

  • Ultra upgrade zapper
  • Blacklight technology
  • Item weight of 6 pounds
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Product dimensions of 9.8 by 7.8 by 20 inches
  • Has an indicator that is easy to see, which comes up when the device is working


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2. Stinger BKC90R– Cordless Insect Zapper

Insects are known as the annoying little creatures that are just there for nothing but biting the people up to annoying. And once they start roaming around your home, it becomes almost impossible to get rid of them.
So if you are experiencing this, then you might consider the Stinger Zapper for using it. This red zapper is extremely useful once you bring it in your house.

Besides, another great thing about the zapper is, it is absolutely portable, cordless and yes rechargeable. So even if the battery drains after a longer runtime, then you can easily recharge it to reuse it for the next zapping session.

However, this zapper is known to cover up to 625 square feet that is approximately the size of a 25 x 25 yard or deck. So, you can say it cover a good amount of area for the operation.

Besides, it’s gonna run for about 3.5 hours and after it gets drained, you can recharge it full in just 3 hours.
The zapping session is gonna be absolutely quiet so you don’t even have to listen to the firecracker like sound that most of the zapper creates. Moreover, this zapper carries LED light as well for accent lighting.


Features of Stinger BKC90R Cordless Insect Zapper

  • The dimension of the product is 12 x 5.75 x 5.75 inches.
  • LED light.
  • Cordless and rechargeable.
  • Covers up to 625 square feet.


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3. Stinger ½ Acre Flat Panel Zapper– Outdoor Bug Zapper

The Stinger Flat Panel ½ Acre Zapper is another great device that will go a long way in helping you clear your environment from the bug. It could be used indoors and outdoors, even though it is most effective where the area to be zapped is only half an acre or less. It uses an ultraviolet light bulb of 15 watts.

It works by attracting the bugs to an electric grid where they get zapped and then they fall off. It is a very great bug zapping device.


Features of Stinger ½ Acre Flat Panel Zapper

  • Ultraviolet 15 watts light
  • Item weight of 2.6 pounds
  • Can be used all day and all night
  • Innovative design for the flat panel
  • Can be placed on a surface or hanged
  • Item dimensions of 10.7 by 4.7 by 12.1 inches
  • Designed for ½ Acre in terms of area coverage


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4. Stinger 3-in-1 Killing System– Best Outdoor Insect Killer

The Stinger up to 1.5 Acre 3 in 1 Kill Insect System Zapper comes in handy when you have a yard that is very large. The device has the ability to attract and kills bugs that are as far as 1.5 acres away. This is not just speculation but based on scientific tests that have shown it to be very effective for such a wide area.

The device helps to keep your yard free of bugs that could attack you, other items you keep within the yard that is vulnerable to bug attack, or that could make you uncomfortable in the area.


Features of Stinger 3-in-1 Kill System Insect Zapper

  • Item weight of 4 pounds
  • Ultraviolet black light technology
  • Comes with a limited warranty of 3 years.
  • Can be used for up to 1.5 acres of an area
  • Comes with sundown sensor that is energy smart
  • Production dimensions of 9.8 by 7.8 by 19.6 inches
  • Can be used at every time of the day, if you want your zapper to work at every time of the day.


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5. Stinger 1 ½ Acres Insect Killer-Outdoor Bug Zapper

The Stinger outdoor 1 ½ Insect Killer is characterized by ultraviolet black lights that are effective in catching more annoying bugs compared to the ultraviolet white light. The device can also be operated all through the day and night, while the help with zapping bulbs up to 1 ½ acres.

To get the best results, it is recommended that the device should be hanged at a height of about 7 inches. You should use it with an extension cord that is designed not for indoor use, its only used for outdoors.

You are advised to keep the device at about 25 inches from where you or other people would be staying. This will help to ensure that the bugs are attracted away from you.


Features of Stinger 1 1/2 Acre Outdoor Insect Killer

  • 24/7 coverage
  • Has a NOsquito lure
  • Ultraviolet black light
  • Item weight of 4.2 pounds
  • Designed to be weatherproof
  • Comes with a warranty of 3 years
  • Energy Smart sensor for sundown
  • Item dimensions of 9.8 by 7.8 by 19.6 inches


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6. Stinger 5-in-1– Outdoor Insect and Mosquito Zapper

If you want a zapper that will be absolutely easy to use and easy on the pocket as well then this would be a great pick for you. The great thing that attracts is it comes with 5 in 1 kill system.

Be it for black UV light, or for green LED lights, or clog free kill grid, or thermal or octenol lure, it will certainly zap the annoying insects for sure.

However, the Stinger also claims to kill about 40 percent more flying insects and two times more mosquitoes that might carry West Nile Virus and other mosquito borne illnesses. So you can say that the product has only one purpose in life- insect zap.

Besides, it has a good auto feature where the zapper turns on automatically at dust and turn off at dawn. And it covers a whole yard up to 1 acre. For optimal performance, it is better that you replace the stinger bug zapper bulb b24bv1 annually.


Features of Stinger 5-in-1 Kill System Insect and Mosquito Zapper

  • Covers up to 1 acre.
  • 5,500 volts zapping power.
  • Stinger replacement bulb b24bv1.
  • The dimension of the product is 9.8 x 8.8 x 20.1 inches.
  • 5-in-1 Kill System (LED lights, black UV light, clog-free grid and thermal and octenol lures)


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Final Verdict

Having bugs around can become a huge challenge, as they cause a lot of inconvenience and discomfort for people around where they are. This is further worsened by the fact that some of the bugs love to suck blood and also spread some diseases, such as Malaria spread by Mosquito.

Based on this, the need to buy a bug zapper, is very important, as they can help you fight the bugs and kill them. There is a different type of bug zappers available in the market but these top 4 stinger bug zappers have been selected based on their effectiveness and other factors.

Any of the bug zappers will go a long way to help you fight bugs in your home and environment. If you are not buying a bug zapper with clog-free capability, then you have to make out time to clean it yourself by using leave blower to blow out the dead bugs.

There are, however, the ones with clog-free capability, where the insect drops to the ground once it is killed. Size is also important, as you should buy the right size that will serve the area you want to use the stinger bug zapper in, properly.




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