Top10 Best Mosquito Traps & In-depth Reviews – [Updated List For 2018]

How do you feel when you plan to have a spiced barbeque party right at the back of your yard at one fine evening, and some of the unwanted guests come and ruin it? Needless to say what exactly I am pointing at because it’s obvious that those guests could be none other than the bloodsucker mosquitoes.

They are pretty popular to be known as the worst peace and party poopers and we all know how much challenging it becomes to shoo them away. But do you know, some devices have been around that happen to trap those bloodsuckers that work on luring and murdering them till death.

Many brands have started providing their best mosquito traps, so before you get one, mug up about this magic equipment. Say no to enduring bug bites, because now you can lay a trap for those evils and have yourself a perfect party in the evening.

Mosquito Trap Update List

NameImageAttractionCoverage AreaUses AreaPurchase
Stinger Insect Trap
UV light 860 sq. ft. Indoor
View On Amazon
DynaTrap DT2000XL Insect Trap
UV light & CO2 1 Acre Indoor & Outdoor
View On Amazon
Trapro WS108 Fly Light Trap
UV light 900 sq. ft. Indoor
View On Amazon
Mega-Catch Pro 900 ULTRA Mosquito Trap
CO2 Gas 1.5 acres Outdoor
View On Amazon
Hoont Mosquito Trap[UPGRADED]
Hoont-Indoor-Outdoor- Mosquit-Trap-[UPGRADED]
UV light 1000 sq. feet Indoor & Outdoor
View On Amazon
Blue Rhino Mosquito Eliminator
Blue-Rhino-SkeeterVac SV5-00-Mosquito-Eliminator
propane Gas 1 acres Outdoor
View On Amazon
KATCHY Electric Insect Trap
UV light 320 SQ FT Indoor
View On Amazon
Eliminator Fly Trap
UV light 500 sq. feet Indoor
View On Amazon
Hausbell Nontoxic Mosquito Eliminator
Soft Blue Light Indoor
View On Amazon
DynaTrap Mosquito Trap
UV light & CO2 0.5 acres Indoor & Outdoor
View On Amazon

Basic Information About Mosquito Traps

What Is a Mosquito Trap and Why Do You Need One?

Mosquito Trap, as the name explains is nothing but a setup that you can use to kill all those pesky mosquitoes that have been getting on your nerves. They work through releasing some mosquito-friendly substances such as odors, moisture, light, carbon dioxide or heat that those flies will find enchanting.

Mosquitoes can be called as the bad guys that you never wish to be around. And it’s pretty obvious that no one loves to be around them. But since they are one of those who won’t be just obeying your shoo-away act, you will definitely be needing some tricks to shut them down.

However, mosquito traps usually help to reduce the population of the flies and mosquitoes so that you can get to chill in the fresh air with no bites. If you love to spend time outside the house or in the yard or anywhere, these traps can work as a knight in shining armor for you.

Especially, if your area owns streams or rivers, you will definitely see them wandering around mostly at low light or no light times. So, in the midst of those things, there is no reason to not feel the need of having something to trap the flies or mosquitoes.

Types of Mosquito Traps

Carbon Dioxide Mosquito Traps

Female mosquitoes have this tendency to get close to the humans by detecting the out breath of Carbon-di-oxide(CO2). They possess nerve cells termed as CPA neurons having a receptor that helps to detect carbon-di-oxide.

It lets them sense the plume of air that we breathe out so as to trace us up. And for this, such traps are the best CO2 mosquito trap that works by burning tanks of propane so that they could produce Carbon-di-oxide(CO2) to entice those female gang and kill them.

Propane Mosquito Traps

A propane trap is designed to be placed somewhere in the lawn especially where you will not be venturing into. It’s going to be preferably an area where the mosquitoes and flies will get a good breeding ground for more populace.

These traps tend to flow propane out when you turn them on and convert it to Carbon Dioxide. After that, it gets mixed with an attractant that will imitate the breath of humans that stinging mosquitoes enjoy trouble and this will make them go closer to it. Once the mosquitoes or flies get near to the traps, a fan will pull them into it and they are done with their life.

This is how propane traps work. But mind you, such propane mosquito traps need to be maintained regularly or else it won’t be as much effective as you will expect it to be.

Heat Mosquito Traps

The mosquitoes use infrared light so that they can hone in on the warmth of your body. As they get close to the spot, the thermal receptors on their antennae tip will be able to track the heat of the body. When the humidity gets high, the range of such receptors also gets high.

And for this many controllers include a heating element with incorporated heat mode that lets the system run a bit warmer. With this, the trap gets more appealing to some group of mosquitoes especially Aedes species. However, these traps basically locate the heat source near the intake system so that it can work more efficiently.

UV Light Mosquito Traps

The UV light Mosquito Traps are one of the most in force traps for nocturnal mosquitoes. These traps form different frequencies of Ultraviolet light to entice such mosquitoes/flies. You will find many colored LEDs that are used as an attractant since it emits the favorite colors of each species.

However, mosquitoes like Anopheles and Culex tend to sting at night while the Aedes mosquitoes prefer to suck our blood during the low light time. And to draw their attention such traps have been made.

H2O Mosquito Traps

This kind of Mosquito trap is easily noticeable for the presence of an open tray of water. You can still call them the best mosquito killer for both indoor and outdoor. It is quite known that flies happen to lay their eggs where there is water. Hence, to trick them out, H2O traps utilize liquid as both allure and assassination devices.

Propane Mosquito Trap Vs. Light Traps Vs. Repellent

The propane mosquito trap

You will find the Propane traps to be the priciest option. however, its effectiveness is still existing. Many brands are offering their so-called ‘best mosquito trap’, yet all of them come with both pros and cons. That’s natural though. We don’t expect to see a trap without any issues. Perfection doesn’t exist and consumers are fine with that as long as it serves well.

But the main thing is that till you don’t get to use the trap and maintain it properly you cannot expect the best result out of it. Mostly the reason would be your wrong positioning of the trap that fails to grasp a major group of the mosquitoes and flies. Moreover, when it comes to propane mosquito trap, you must prepare yourself to maintain them properly and switch the attractants so that it can make a great impact on the flying insects.

The mosquito light zapper

The lights zappers are known as bug zappers since they tend to zap bugs that get attracted to the light. These are the best fly trap that you can use as both indoor and outdoor. They get mostly efficient as the sun gets down so that it becomes easier for the bugs to see the black purple light and consequently attracts them.

However, you will still find a lot of issues with such type of trap. As for instance, these zappers tend to make zapping noise that quite annoys you while you are trying to have a peaceful time back in the yard. Not only that, another issue is that, the noise can also bring more mosquitoes towards the house, and in the end you might end, up with more of the group. To avoid such incident, you can keep it quite away from you in such place so that you can chill and relax with no trouble.

The mosquito repellents

If you want to have the most effective result quickly, although these type of solution can work quite well. You can call them one of the traps that are natural and do not hold any harmful chemicals. For the short term use, they are the best outdoor mosquito prevention you can have for yourself. However, you must keep in mind that Repellent can cause your skin irritation issue. So if you think you have sensitive skin, better you avoid it.

Mosquito Traps That  Work

Lady mosquitoes tend to fly about 25-feet or less off the ground when they hunt for their blood meal. They use several kinds of sensory parts that help them trace a prey. Some of them are:

How Mosquito Attacked You?

Antennae: They are the feelers that help to detect the Carbon dioxide released from the lungs of a person. Not only that, they can also pick about 350 chemical odors that human skin tends to produce.

Compound eyes: These include hundreds of tiny lenses that they use to spot the movement and distinguish their target. The compound eyes are basically useful for day-stingers that bank on visual clues.

Maxillary palpus: This is likely to be sensitive to the heat and is basically found on the head of mosquitoes. However, it helps them detect warm-blooded quarry and locate the capillaries that are nearest to the skin.

Mosquito Traps Works

Mosquito traps take the benefit of these sensory knacks and fool them by mimicking the visual and smell stimulus of the human. You will get several brands that are providing such traps which manufacture Carbon dioxide, light, heat or propane that works to tempt those flying insects and enthrall them in the equipment leaving them dead.

If you want the trap to work properly, you must place it appropriately. For this, you can keep it either in shadowed parts outside the house or one side at home. You might also require to try out several traps just to check which one of them would be more appealing to your local mosquitoes.

There is the best indoor mosquito trap for in-house and the best outdoor mosquito trap for out-house that will work to bug the mosquitoes till death.

How to Choose a Mosquito Trap

Choosing the best mosquito trap is not something that you would rush into if you don’t gather proper knowledge about it. Because if you do, it would complicate the matter and turn it to worst.

Hence, to get the mosquito trap, we have highlighted some factors that you should focus on so that the tough job of picking up the one becomes an easy breezy task. Here we go:

Pick Counting on The Species

Different mosquito traps use different attractants to lure the mosquitoes and flies for their operation. Because It’s the attractant that helps to enchant the flying insects to get them into such equipment. So, you will need to go for a trap depending on a kind of species it will attract so that it offers the best output.

Pick Counting on The Maintenance

The best trap is called the best mosquito killer when it can work effectively with minimal maintenance required. Because come on, we all know that a trap can be as efficient as how well you can maintain. If you think you can handle the one with electric diversity, then go for it. But if you think you can maintain fuel dependent trap, then go for that.

Pick Counting on The Location

Location is one of the most important factors for selecting your trap. There are many traps that are not ideal for outdoors whereas many of them work greatly outside the home. Then again, you will find a lot of the best indoor fly trap that work outstandingly great for home. So, you must pick up all the qualities of the trap you’re planning to own and go for the one that will dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s for you.

Pick Counting on The Area Size

You should also consider the size of the area that it would cover for luring the flying insects. While indoor traps have lesser coverage and outdoor traps possess wider. You must chew over where you would like to locate the trap. So that you can buy the perfect one depending on the scale of the property.

Pick Counting on The Safety

Safety is such a feature that many people tend to forget while purchasing a trap. However, you will definitely need to check the label of the trap and detect the likely risks of the product. Many traps contain propane, so you will be required to take proper care. But it would be the best to go for the one that does not use propane as it is a lot safer for use.

Since, now you know the factors that are of the essence to get the mosquito trap. It will be easier for you to pick one for yourself, most particularly for those bloodsuckers.

Tips on Using Mosquito Traps

Take The Ideal one

If you plan to opt for quantity over quality, you will definitely make a mistake. This kind of tactics does not work in the long run and it can be stated the same for trap purchase as well. However, if you’ve got a big house, then purchasing a decent sized model can be the best option. But mind it that the bigger the area is, the more units you will be needing for coverage to trap the flies and mosquitoes.

Home in on The Species

There are a variety of mosquitoes that wander around you. You need to identify the species mainly that ruin the harmony of the environment and get yourself a trap based on that. If you take the Aedes aegypti mosquito for example, they are kind of the mosquitoes that you will basically find in densely populated areas. And your big town definitely falls into it. So, if you dwell in such place, then use the trap that has a great track record against such species so that it can keep the mosquitoes at bay.

Home in on The Placement

The most mainstream mistake that you might make is positioning the trap to use in one section of your house all over the day. The consequence will be, the trap will indeed grasp some mosquitoes, yet it won’t be enough to get the efficient output. Thus, positioning the trap in the correct zone is essential. And you can place one in an area that does not have much movement and you will see all the mosquitoes to get killed within an hour.

Don’t Wait For on The Spot Output

Traps do not come with the guarantee to give you instant result once you start working with it. They will surely take a bit longer to visibly destroy the unwelcome flying insects and their populace. If you want to use such traps, you will need to have both perseverance and patience. So, you should not expect that the trap will pull all the flying insects for death just in minutes after you turn it on. Take a chill pill, wait for a few days and then see the magic of the traps.

Time to Hit on

Place your device just before the bug become active. They are basically seen to be full of zipping during the sunrise and the sunset. Hence, with the right weapon on, and with a perfect environment, set your trap up so that it can win over and wipe out the mosquitoes to their death.

Top Mosquito Trap Brands

Mega Catch

This brand has been founded by EnviroSafe Technologies International Limited. They are one of the most remarkable trap brands that offer 4 models: Ultra, Premier XC, Premier, and Alpha. The units mix a variety of attractants, break out safe 12V power and count on an infrared heat, integrated light display and bait strips for enchanting the mosquitoes. The flagship Ultra trap of the company is their CO2 ready trap. It requires to be connected to a CO2 cylinder.

Mosquito Magnet

Mosquito Magnet has been formed in 2006 by American Biophysics Corporation. It incorporates Independence, Executive, Commander and the Patriot Plus. Former units consisted of the Liberty, Pro, and Defender that bagged a lot of poor reviews from customers stating that it had issues like propane blockage or clogging. However, they offer traps using CO2 with subsidiary attractants in the form of Octenol. Despite the traps that are electric or battery powered, the brand still offers all the traps that burn propane for producing carbon dioxide. However, they still have the best propane mosquito trap models in their bag.


Dyntrap is another best trap brand that is popular for their variation of the products. While some have been designed to be used on the basis on size of the area, some have been designed for indoor and outdoor. The brands have been founded by Dynamic Solutions Worldwide. LLC in 2006, And since then they are offering both reliability and quality of the products.


The brand initially was owned by Lentek International Incorporated. But later in 2003, the Koolatron company bought it and since then they are offering traps for mosquitoes. The Canada-based Koolatron currently manufactures 4 traps that include Bite Shield Protector (MK06), Bite Shield Champion (MK05), Bite Shield Guardian (MK12), and the Bite Shield Guardian Pro (MK14). The Guardian is corded while the Guardian Pro is cordless. Both the types burn propane and form carbon dioxide with other subsidiaries like Octenol cartridges, thermal imaging for moisture to appeal the mosquitoes. Speaking of the Protector and the Champion, you will find them corded electric and they use a lighting array, heat and Octenol cartridges.


Hoont is one of the brands formed by the company called 360 Designs Groups which is basically popular in the industry of pest control. It produces a wide range of the traps that will be both safe and effective for protecting you from all the flies that will be harmful to you.

Mosquito Trap Placement


It is very significant to set the trap at the right height for its optimization if you want to get the maximum impact. The optimum height ranges between 40 cm and 70 cm from the ground if you measure it from the base of the device.


If you place the mosquito trap in direct sunlight, chances are there that the mosquitoes will rather happen to avoid the trap. Extreme heat and sunlight might lessen the lure of mosquitoes as well. Hence, you must put the trap in the shaded zone to make the trap work more efficiently.

Wind Direction

The rule of thumb is that the air containing the whiff released by the trap should disrupt the flying path of the mosquitoes from the swamplands where they hatch the eggs to the spot where you rest yourself. Thus, you must position the trap in such that will make it natural for the mosquitoes to move towards the trap.

The lady mosquitoes usually hunt upwind so as to drift back easily to the swamplands as they bite their target. It means you should put the trap at the northern corner of your yard in a northerly wind so that the odor forms a path between the region where the mosquitoes hatch and the region where you want to guard. However, make sure you put the trap in a shaded area that has lesser wind as it will help in spreading more odor from the trap.


Placing the mosquito trap too close to the place you usually take rest will end up alluring them to move towards you. So if you even get yourself the mosquito trap for the yard, it will be of no use. Hence, to get the best result, you must keep them at a great distance so that they get drawn towards the trap, not you.

The ideal distance relies on the kind of traps that you will be using. But the rule of thumbs states it should be placed at least about 10m to 20m from the place you wish to guard.


Opt for placing the mosquito trap in a damp or humid spot close to the marshland, stream or brook.

How much should I pay for a mosquito trap

The mosquito trap reviews consumer reports have shown how effective these traps are working to keep all the bugs at bay. And these traps come in a range from inexpensive to expensive so that people can buy between $10 and $800 according to their budget.

  • Inexpensive: For a simple USB powered mosquito trap, most of them are used at indoor. You have to pay between $10 to $30 for this type of trap.
  • Suitable price: For example, the electric trap, CO2 mosquito trap. These traps are very popular for indoor & outdoor. Also, affordable for everyone. You’ll usually pay between $25 and $90.
  • Expensive: For example, the propane trap, mosquito magnet trap, and ultra catch trap. You’ll usually pay between $100 and $800.

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