7 Best Indoor Bug Zapper Review – Which One You Should Buy in 2018?

best indoor bug zapper

Insect bites may inflict several skin diseases such as rashes, swelling, itchiness, blisters, and other hostile reactions. Many people have experimented different techniques to control irritating insects in other to keep the environment more healthy and pleasant. As a result, several kinds of bug zappers are now available on the market which is those designed for indoor use and outdoors.

Fundamentally, best indoor bug zappers use an electrical discharge to eliminate bugs that have been enticed to the light source of the device. These insects get electrocuted when their body comes in contact with the device.

Best indoor bug zapper provides a chemical-free and efficient alternative to curtail insect bite. Perhaps, several people have tried different types of bug repellent and some of these repellents have serious side effects on users. Some of them are toxic that can create severe health glitches while others can only guarantee a temporal protection after a single application and requires to be used repeatedly. Thus, it is necessary you take a closer look at indoor bug zappers for flying insects.

Indoor bug zapper uses Ultraviolet (UV) light to draw insects to the device and then kills them with high voltage electric shock. Additionally, various modern manufacturers of indoor bug zapper use unique fluorescent light bulbs that discharge UV light for maximum efficiency.

Typically, indoor bug zappers can cover a large area of the room. Besides flying insects, the device can help you dispose of cockroaches and bed bugs flooding your place. Bug zapper works so fast able to fix all insects problem quickly and discharging all unwanted inhabitants from your house within mere days.

You should carefully evaluate a few features when purchasing a bug zapper. The biggest consideration should be the quality of construction and user safety. Additionally, it should be easy to maintain, protect you from accidental contacts and must be affordable.

  Best Indoor Bug Zapper List 2018

Product Name
Our Rating
Aspectek 20W Electronic Indoor mosquito killer zapper
(Edditor's Choice)
Aspectek 20W 6000sqft Coverage Electronic Indoor Commercial insect and mosquito killer zapper
20 Watt
3.55 Pounds
five star
Check Price
LiBa Bug Zapper & Electric Indoor Insect Killer
Liba Bug Zapper & Electric Indoor Insect Killer
20 Watt
4.2 pounds
five star
Check Price
GLOUE Bug Zapper Electronic Insect Killer
GLOUE Bug Zapper Electronic Insect Killer
1.0 Pound
4.5 star rate
Check Price
PestZilla™ Robust UV Electronic Bug Zapper
PestZilla™ Robust UV Electronic Bug Zapper
20 Watt
3.7 Pounds
4.5 star rate
Check Price
Iselector Bug Zapper and Electric Indoor Insect Killer
Iselector Bug Zapper
20 Watt
3.8 pounds
4.5 star rate
Check Price
Bug Zapper - Electronic Insect Killer Mosquito Killer
Bug Zapper - Electronic Insect Killer
19 Watt
5.2 Pounds
four star rate
Check Price
VENSMILE Indoor Fly Killer Mosquito Bug Zapper
VENSMILE Indoor Fly Killer Mosquito Bug Zapper
7 Watt
1.5 Pounds
four star rate
Check Price

Listed Indoor Bug Zapper Reviews

1. Aspectek 20W – Best Indoor Bug Zapper

The Aspectek Electronic Insect Killer and Bug Zapper have established itself as one of the best indoor insect killers due to its undoubted effectiveness.

Besides, Aspectek Bug Zapper is the oldest insect killer which is entirely regarded in Amazon Pest Control Category.

Aspectek bug zapper device is fully employed in annihilating all kinds of flying insects such as mosquitoes, flies, moths, wasp and any other bugs attracted by UV lights.

This is attributed to its 2 main amazing features; which are the UV bulbs (10W X2) to attract insects and the killing grid to eradicate bugs by emitting 2,800 Voltage.

Feature of Aspectek 20W

  • Size: 15L x 11H x 3.2W
  • The device is chemical free since insects are enticed and simply zapped by the high voltage metal grids.
  • Amazing insect control; the two UV light bulbs attract flies, moths, mosquitoes, and other flying insects.
  • A mesh screen which protects your entire household by avoiding unintentional contact with the electrical grid.
  • Simple installation by fastening the add-on chain to the hooks on the top of the unit, or place on a solid surface.
  • The removable plastic tray at the bottom of the unit that collects dead insect makes cleaning and maintenance easy.

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  • Requires little maintenance
  • The electric grid is self-cleaning.
  • Features washable removable plastic tray that effectively collects insect debris
  • Comes with a chain which makes mounting easy and can also be placed on a flat surface directly
  • Produces outrageous noise whenever a bug is killed

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2. LiBa Bug Zapper– Electric Indoor Insect Killer

This is a great indoor bug zapper that comes with a 365 nm wavelength that emits a blue light to enchant the insects. The trick will surely help you trap and zap the insects since it falls within the wavelength of their sight.

Besides, the LiBa claims it to feature the strongest insect zapper on the market with a powerful bulb of 2800 volts. They guarantee to destroy all the insects that get trapped into it.

Another great thing is, you will find the zapper completely chemical free and yes it’s a great alternate to other pest control as well. So it is not only effective but also safe to use in every indoor area.

Thus, you can also call it the best method to use if you are among those who don’t prefer to get exposed to chemicals. You can use the bug zapper anywhere- be it at your home or any other indoor places.

Features of LiBa Bug Zapper

  • It emits a 365 nm wavelength.
  • Wire Chain For Space-Saving Hanging.
  • It comes with a powerful bulb of 2800 volts.
  • It comes with detachable and easy to clean tray.
  • The zapper is measure about 15.4 x 12.4 x 3.9 inches.
  • Cage Wiring for Avoiding Accidental Contact By People Or Pets.

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  • It features a detachable and easy to clean tray.
  • It is ideal for indoor and other commercial areas.
  • It zaps all of the flying insects that get into it.
  • It comes with the strongest bulb that traps the insect.
  • The zapper is a great alternative to chemical-free pest control.
  • It has got cage wiring that saves people from accidental contact.
  • The cord that comes with it is pretty short.
  • The blue light is not beneficial for a soothing sleep.

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3. GLOUE Bug Zapper  – Amazing Indoor Mosquito & Insect Killer

The best low cost, less maintenance, safe, and most reliable device to eradicate bugs, mosquitoes, and other flying insects are GLOUE Mosquito Zapper.

However, it can only cover about 16 square meters effectively and this is due to its size and design. In other words, best result can only be achieved in a small room. What’s more, it has better effects when using it at night due to its working principle.

GLOUE Bug Zapper is designed for indoor use at night due to its working principle. Perfectly suitable for kitchen, living room, basement, bedroom, enclosed garage, restaurant, store, warehouse amongst others.

Features of GLOUE Bug Zapper Electronic Insect Killer

  • Insect disposal is very easy
  • GLOUE provides a full refund guarantee
  • It makes small noise which would not interrupt your sweet night rest.
  • The device works great at night as its LED lights can efficiently attract mosquitoes and small flying gnats.
  • Chemical-free which makes suitable for places where pesticides can’t be sprayed like kitchens and hospitals.
  • GLOUE Bug Zapper is measured about 3.7×2.55×2.36 inches and the effective coverage is about 16 square meters.

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  • Relatively cheap and efficient
  • Do not involve chemicals or poisons
  • Safe, reliable and environmentally friendly
  • Device can work continuously all through the year
  • Does not contain breathable toxins nor filthy smell
  • Simple to use; Plug directly into an electrical wall outlet. Turn it on.
  • Due to its small size, it can easily be carried and does not take much space
  • Not effective during the day
  • Device design is so small and as a result, has a limited coverage

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4. PestZilla™ Robust UV Electronic Bug Zapper – Amazing Fly Zapper For Home

The PestZilla Bug Zapper gives constant protection against all types of insects. Bug zapper is perfectly ideal for home, kitchens, hospitals, schools amongst others.

Suitable for commercial and industrial use and covers an area of about 6,000 sq. ft. with this repellant device, a free insect environment is guaranteed.

PestZilla Bug Zapper features a very powerful high voltage electrically charged metal grid that kills insect instantly whenever they come in contact with the grid.

With the aid of the bright blue UV bulb, flies and insects are attracted to the device, and then get killed immediately as soon as their body touches the electrified grid.

The device is easy to operate; just simply plug in the bug zapper and lookout for the efficient outcome as it eliminates all kinds of insect that comes in contact with the electrified metal grid. Additionally, PestZilla Bug Zapper is equipped with an enclosed metal grid to guarantee safety and safeguard against unintentional contact.

Features of PestZilla™ Robust UV Electronic Bug Zapper

  • Easy setup and its maintenance free
  • Chemical free and also protect against accidental contact
  • PestZilla bug zapper can cover an area of about 6,000 sq. ft.
  • Size of device is 15 x 12 x 3 inches and contains replaceable UV bulbs of two 10 Watt blue color
  • PestZilla bug zapper has a collecting tray for dead bugs which makes disposal of bugs and cleaning easy.
  • Features an extremely powerful high voltage electrically charged metal grid that kills flies and insects instantly.
  • Contains two removable chains which are designed for ceiling or wall mounting and can also be positioned free-standing on a flat surface.

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  • Safe and entirely chemical free
  • provides stress-free protection
  • Designed for wall mounting or ceiling
  • Extremely effective insect control and its odor free
  • Cleaning is very easy and do not require much energy
  • PestZilla comes completely assembled with a free-standing device
  • Features a collecting tray which does not require you to touch dead bugs when removing them.
  • Just very few sets of the device come with defective parts.

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5. Iselector Bug Zapper– Electric Indoor Insect Killer

This Iselector zapper is perfect for all indoor environments. You can use it anywhere in your house or even at the office so you can protect yourself against those frustrating insects without using any risky chemical.

This bug zapper is pretty powerful, and the unit can cover a great area. The Iselector zapper is strong enough to attract moths, mosquitoes, flies or other insects and it catches their attention pretty effectively.

Its 2 UV bulbs emit powerful and attractive ultraviolet rays that enchant the moths, mosquitoes or flies to its mighty electronic grid where it will quickly zap them up. And there is also a detachable tray where the dead insects gather so you can collect them and clean them up.

Besides, its simple installation is another thing that makes it pretty useful. All you have to do is hand the zapper via attaching the chain to the hooks at the top of the unit or if you want, you can simply put it on the floor.

Features of Iselector Bug Zapper

  • Wire chain to hang.
  • It is chemical free.
  • Comes with detachable tray.
  • The size of the device is 16.7 x 12.2 x 5 inches.
  • It comes with 2 UV bulbs that emits 2800 voltage.
  • It has electronic grid that quickly zaps the insects.
  • It has a protective cage to avoid accidental contact with grid by people or pets.

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  • The zapper is completely chemical free.
  • The tray is there for collecting dead insect.
  • You can use the chain for hanging the device.
  • It has a protective cage so no accidental contact.
  • It successfully traps and zap all the insects that get into it.
  • Might not zap all kinds of insects.

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6. Bug Zapper JB20D 2X8W – Ideal For Home & Commercial Usage

Bug Zapper – Electronic Insect Killer is one the best electronic zapper that can curtail flying insect which presents a major threat to human and pets health, causing diverse types of disease.

This environmentally friendly device does exude odor and offers you a comfortable moment without being bothered by those annoying insects.

This insect killer releases the specific wavelengths of UV light that entice flying insects, which attracts them to the electrically charged grid and killing the bugs upon contact with the electrically charged metal grids.

The removable tray help to trap the dead insects, which makes it easy to dispose of and clean.

Features of Bug Zapper JB20D-2X8W

  • Installation is very easy; either to the wall or ceiling.
  • Ideal for various occasion and can be used any time of the day.
  • Collection tray design is suitable and simple to clean and remove.
  • The Large coverage area of 538 SQ.FT and can work for a very long time
  • Provides free replacement policy without any costs and lifetime warranty.
  • A high-tech killing grid of this electronic insect killer creates a large, effective catch area.
  • Does not contain chemicals nor fumes; totally physical method of killing insect which makes it harmless to the health
  • Features blue light from a distinctive light tube that discharges ultra-violet rays to attract insects such as mosquitoes, flies to eliminate them.

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  • Non-rust cracked or fade surface
  • Completely independent of chemicals, fumes and its pollution free.
  • The Large coverage area of 538 SQ.FT which makes it more effective to attract many insects
  • Effective and safe insect killer both at home or commercial areas to get rid of any flying insects.
  • Night lamp mosquito trap is a bit pricey

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7. VENSMILE Indoor Fly Killer – Best For Home Usage

VENSMILE Indoor Fly Killer is scientifically designed with a special UV lamp that emits a 365 nm wavelength, which has been technically confirmed to be extremely enticing to all kinds of insects or bugs, as it falls within their natural viewing wavelength.

These insects (flies, moths, mosquitoes, and any other flying insect) get killed instantly upon contact with the electrically charged grid of the device since they can’t resist approaching the UV light source.

The bug zapper device is completely chemical-Free and does not contain pesticides or potentially harmful sprays. Eliminates bugs fast without poisons and sprays. This makes it special for some places like hospital and kitchens where the spray cannot be used.

Features of VENSMILE Indoor Fly Killer Mosquito Bug Zapper

  • Size of the device  is 10.73 x 5.47 x 5.47 inches
  • Fame-retardant ABS casing, resistant to UVA radiation.
  • Operating Voltage is about 800-1000V with a cord length of 5 ft.
  • Perfectly bounded by wire to prevent accidental contact by people.
  • A 360-degree electronic grid which zaps approaching insects instantly.
  • Best replaceable UV Lamp of 7W with an amazing working life of 5000-8000 hours

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  • Easy to use, clean and maintain
  • Compact size makes it perfect for any room
  • The UV light is soft and the size is safe for room use
  • Installation is easy; either by hanging or simply set on a flat surface
  • Features collecting tray which makes it easy to dispose of trapped insects
  • Safe and can be used in the house since electrical metal grid is enclosed by a flame retardant ABS cage to avoid the child’s fingers into it
  • Does not eliminate all insects
  • Makes popping noise when exploding insects
  • Insects bodies tend to scatter over quite a large area when they explode

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Buying Guide for Best Indoor Bug Zapper

The source/mode of zapper’s power supply: planning your source of power supply for zapper will help you consider the type of the device’s supply which best suits you. This can make the operation of the device very efficient. Some of these power sources are accumulators or electricity, solar panel and batteries.

Bulbs: Number of bulbs a bug zapper device can contain and its power is important as it enables you to use the light trap with the most efficiency.

Portability: Portability is also a vital factor to consider. Light and compact devices are easily conveyed from one place to another whether nearby or distant locations.

Cost of effective bug zapper: Oftentimes, cost of zappers indicates the quality and efficiency of the product. In reality, cheap products are mostly substandard and doubtful as they may deteriorate easily, even turn out to be quite ineffective against the strong attacks of mosquitoes while more expensive and proved zappers accomplish their task perfectly with ease.

Common features of the region: It is of utmost importance to study the features of your region and also the total number of insects within. Usually big and stable clouds of blood-sucker insects are observed around swamps and unkempt places, so you may need several zappers to be moderately calm.

Working mode (Day/Night): Bug killers can efficiently work day and night times, oftentimes, they tend to be more effective at the dark time. This implies that you can leave it operating for all night without uncertainty

Final Verdict

All around the world, bugs, mosquitoes, and other blood-sucking insects can be seen every time and anywhere. This is an enormous challenge for people all over the world. Several solutions are obtainable for zapping or eradicating these dangerous flies that puts one’s health at risk. Unfortunately, the majority of these methods are unsafe and not so effective. Some of the solutions can also create diverse health hazards to the people.

Since all these methods are not so reliable and unsafe, you must embark on the best bug zapper for combating the problem effectively. These Top 7 Best Indoor Bug Zappers Reviews 2018 evaluate the pros and cons of different bug zappers. From the review, it is clear that they do not contain chemicals, fumes or poison.

Bug zappers are affordable and easy to use and do not consume much power. Thus, you should make the best decision and purchase the precise bug zapper without any troubles.



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